#AskAnEngineer Durban 2017

As part of the WomEng GirlEng programme, we hosted 250 high school girls from Durban for an inspiring and informative career guidance and information session, facilitated by female STEM professionals and students.

Through the work of WomEng campus ambassadors studying at various institutions across Durban, we were able to partner with universities to provide tertiary education guidance and application booklets to our attendees.

#AskAnEngineer workshops are form part of the WomEng GirlEng programme, which brings together 250 girls each year from grades 9-12 who are interested in mathematics and physics to learn about opportunities in STEM that are available to them. These sessions expose young girls to the world of STEM, spoken and shared through the lens of other young women studying and working in these industries.

As an electrical engineering student, first year volunteer and ambassador for my campus, my role was in providing mentorship to girls during the event, assisting with facilitation and to liaise with my university for partnership for the event. Through this event, girls are inspired to create positive change in their communities and myths and fears are debunked around these generally male-dominated careers. Attendees received a welcome pack which included tertiary education information and application forms, a GirlEng guide (a creative toolkit to help girls decide whether a career in engineering is for them) and a their very own WomEng pink hardhat.

"To me, the pink hardhat is about more than challenging a stereotype. When you wear the hardhat, you become part of a great and inspiring family of motivated young women who have embarked on a courageous journey not only to invest in themselves, but also to empower each other".

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