MTV Shuga Panel Discussion

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We joined the stars of MTV Shuga: Down South at the International AIDS Conference to discuss HIV and the youth.

Actress Stephanie Sandows presenting the session filmed and broadcasted by the MTV Shuga and Staying Alive team.

MTV Shuga, developed by the Staying Alive Foundation has been successful in creating positive impact and behavior change by using entertainment and real local stories to reach young people with valuable lessons.

MTV Shuga:

MTV Shuga is a television drama series first aired in November 2009 on MTV Base as part of an initiative dubbed "MTV Staying Alive Ignite!". Its first two seasons were commissioned by MTV Networks Africa in association with The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, PEPFAR (The US President's Emergency Fund for Aids Relief), the Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation (HFG) and the Government of Kenya, as part of a multimedia campaign to spread the message about responsible sexual behaviour and tolerance. It later became a hit and was aired in 40 different African countries before it was aired internationally in over 70 television stations. MTV Shuga: Down South is the South African version with local stories addressing local youth challenges.

HIV and the Youth:

At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam we got the opportunity to partner with MTV Shuga on a panel discussion about HIV/AIDS and South African youth. MTV Shuga is an empowering series that places a lens on the challenges that young people face that make them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. By using real stories and the power of entertainment, they are able to reach young people creatively with the information and education they need.

Hosted by actors Given Stuurman and Stephanie Sandows of MTV Shuga: Down South and Scandal, the discussion and broadcast dived into the impact we can make through influencing other young people in our communities and being open about our sexual and reproductive health.

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